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Dimensional Drawing of the max. reach
Type: WB 7000 A/R 904-3000

Hub Teleskopzylinder : 3.000 mm
Gewicht: 20,9 t

Dimensional Drawing
Type: WB 12000A/A924

Hauptabmessungen: max. Höhe 11.000mm; max. Reichweite 10.600mm
Gewicht: 29 t

Dimensional Drawing
Type: WB 12000A/M 322-1,1

Hauptabmessungen: max. Höhe 7.200mm; max. Reichweite 10.900mm
Gewicht: 26 t

Kleiner Teleskopausleger
Großer Teleskopausleger in Knickausführung
Großer Teleskopausleger in starrer Ausführung
Our "TAKKER" facilitates the extremely dangerous work of steel-workers, who had set and fixed the tap by hand so far.

How does it work?

1. The "TAKKER" takes the new setting stone on a boom and moves to the stone to be renewed
2. Drill-boom bores the old stone
3. Drill-boom and Takker-boom are shifted against each other
4. Takker-boom pushes the new setting stone into the drilled hole
5. Bolt-settingtools fix the new setting stone
6. The "TAKKER" is ready to take up again a new setting stone

This device has already been used in a German steel plant. If you are interested in the "TAKKER" please
contact us for further information.

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