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ZetKO manufacture and supply telescoping, furnance wrecing equipment for all standard wheel-base, or tracked hydraulic excavators. The machines are based on the "Zimmermann-System", which has been used throughout the world for over 20 years. The equipment is subject to continuous up-dating, in close co-operation with end-users.

ZetKO telescoping booms are designed to meet the extreme demand of the steel mill environment, efficiently cleaning and wrecking, hot or cold runners, ladles, electric -arc furnance and converters. With an optional attachment, the equipment is also suited for taphole drilling and reaming.

ZetKO telescoping booms can be positioned and aligned with great precision, thus saving plant, accessories, time and money.

In tunnelling applications, the highly mobile ZetKO telescoping booms are used to chisel and ream tunnel profiles, significantly reducing down-time of on-going traffic.

The geometry of the equipment is comparable to that of the human arm, with an added 360° rotation facility beneath the elbow.
Maximum stroke is 14.5m.
ZetKO telescoping booms consist basically of a rotating, outer base frame with an inner, telescoping extension.
The base frame of the equipment is attached to the excavator. A ring main bearing on the outer base frame and a hydraulic swivel assures 360° continuous rotation.
The inner, telescoping extension is guided by generously dimensioned rollers in the base frame. These ensure low wear and allow for even and perfect transmission of forces. The tool cylinder is located safely inside the head
section of the extension.

The additional hinge of ZetKO booms type WB7000A and WB 12000A significantly increase the operational reach of the equipment. This also reduces the overall height of the machine, a helpful feature when it comes to moving about in low headroom conditions.

The customer desides what we should offer. We aim to analyse and solve problems in co-operation with our Partners, the end-user, be it to modify exsting equipment, or to develope sensible accessories. ZetKO define quality through:

- well-founded, praxis-oriented developement of products
- continuous training of staff
- usage of high-quality materials only
- products of high-availibility and long life expectancy
- suitable for an multitude of applications
- timely and reliable manufacturing
- reasonable prices and sensible warranty regulations
- competent consultancy, hot-line and on-site service

Our machines can be used in:

- Cleaning the ladle skull
- Break out of the ladle lining
- Cleaning the converter mouth and converter shell
- Break out the converter lining
- Cleaning the immersion bulb of the vacuum machine
- Cleaning the ladle case
- Cleaning the pass over car
- Load the oxygen lance in the cassette
- Cleaning the converter basement barrier
- Cleaning and breaking out the hot metal ladle
- Hammering the spooler of the ladle
- Pushing the shell out of the ladle
- Cleaning the converter boiler
- Cleaning and breaking out slag ladle
- Cleaning the slag box
- Lift off and hang up the converter cup
- Cleaning the desulphurisation equipment

And many other work you can do with these machines

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